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                                                                            The Usual Routine
                                                                             written by RTNT

the night was pitch black, making the crescent moon in the sky even more noticeable as it brought something close to actual brightness in Gotham. A city that, in the opinions of most who lived there, was a place where all hope went to lie down for a while, in wait of its slow imminent demise. But not to everyone. Despite whatever circumstances kept them from leaving Gotham, there were some who kept an optimistic out look. They knew that no matter what, as long as that simple insignia of a Bat flashed in the sky, he would always come. And this very same figure, garbed in a strange and intimidating costume, also believed this to be true.  after years of patrolling through the city during this time of night, he had become synonymous with the shadows that lurked between every street corner.  
  The Batman looked down from where he had been standing, towards the streets. A knife-wielding, ski mask wearing delinquent who, up to this point, had been slowly approaching a handsome looking man in a particularly nice, fancy suit, immediately froze in place upon making very brief yet tense eye contact with the pointy eared silhouette crouching on the very edge of the building. the young thug could only stare before running off quickly, scared out of his wits.
   If there was one rule in Gotham it was this. NEVER mess with the Batman. At least not unless you had serious back up, and serious plans, and unfortunately Gotham had become increasingly infested with twisted souls of this variety.
  The District Attorney turned around, now alert to the sound of retreating footsteps but saw nothing and continued on his way once he noticed that the street was now safe to cross, none the wiser at how close he had come to either losing his life, his wallet, or both.
Batman gave an exasperated sigh as he watched him cross the street. "Harvey", he said. "you really should know better than this.  he stood back up. "You've been her longer than I have."

He took what appeared to be a gun out of a yellow utility belt surrounding his waist, pulled a clamp on the device and instead of bullets, a thick, black rope connected to four sharp hooks shot out of it, and stuck to the top of the building across from him. He jumped, swinging all the way over to the wall of the building and slowly began climbing up.

"He's got to be more careful."



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